Thursday, November 17, 2011

William - 1 year old

The boy is one year old.

Whew.  What a year.

Here is a snapshot of who William is at 1 year old:
  • William is 23 lbs and 6 oz.  He is 31 inches "tall".
  • He is still not walking, but does a good job standing - unsupported - for 30 seconds or so at a time.  He has taken a stumbling step or so, but that's not walking...that's just momentum driving him forward.
  • Having been a superior eater, William is now showing signs of independence and, well, will.  He is more picky (although still a good eater).
  • He still loves fruit most of all - especially blueberries.
  • He has moved past formula and is on to whole milk, which was no big deal for him.  He is still taking bottles, and I need to start getting him off those and on to exclusively using sippy cups relatively soon.
  • He's turned into a great nighttime sleeper - usually sleeping a full 12 hours.  (He naps okay - some days are great and others aren't...but if that is the tradeoff I make for a good nightime guy, I'll totally take that trade.)
  • He is very much a mama's boy right now, but he sure is happy to see daddy, too.
  • No talking yet...we thought for a while he was saying "book", but now we're not so apparently EVERYTHING is "oo. ook."  He doesn't really say "mama" or "dada" either.  He makes those sounds...just not directed at us.
  • He still loves books and being read to.  He turns pages and even "reads to himself" by talking to himself as he plays with books.
  • He has started interacting (nicely!) with Beaux.  He "throws" tennis balls to him and hands him toys as well.  Beaux remains unconvinced that this little guy is a good thing (an issue that will probably be an even bigger concern once W starts walking).
And, while we may not necessarily be happier than we were in our child-free life, we are certainly more fulfilled.  :)

Monday, November 7, 2011

Daylight Savings

Daylight savings time SUCKS for moms and babies.

That is all.

Thursday, November 3, 2011

His First Halloween and First Birthday

We celebrated BIG recently:
  • 3 years of marriage
  • 1 year of baby William
  • William's first Halloween

We combined the celebration of our anniversary and W's birthday in a brunch this past Sunday.  I haven't uploaded my pictures yet, but will do so very soon.

The next day was Halloween and William got to be the "turnip" that he's always been in our minds!  (It has been his nickname since he was 17 weeks in utero!)  Thanks, Linda, for creating such an amazing costume!

Here is a quick picture of W in the turnip costume with daddy.  Birthday photos to follow later.

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Happy, happy camper

William has been having some super happy days lately.  He is really fun to be around recently.  This weekend we've taken a stroller ride each morning - the photo above is when we went to Ellwood Thompson's grocery to pick up some pear juice for a drink I was making for a friend's baby shower.  And this morning we went to the art museum sculpture garden so he could crawl around outside. 

In other baby-related news...
  • He has rediscovered clapping after some odd weeks of completely doing none at all, he does it all the time now.
  • He has also discovered stairs and LOVES to climb stairs.  He is super fast at them now which means it is time to put the baby gates UP.
  • He has gotten his 8th tooth.  All front teeth on the top and bottom are now accounted for.

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Sleeping In

That boy has started sleeping in!  And by sleeping in, I mean he is sleeping over 13 hours straight now....from around 7pm to 8:30am or so. 

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Just a Tuesday morning update

Just a couple quick things this morning...

  • I *finally* started brushing William's teeth (7 of them now!) last night.  He thinks it is HYSTERICAL to have his teeth brushed.
  • Aunt Bridget and the cousins sent some birthday books over so that William could "prepare" for his upcoming first birthday.  He really likes them.  Thanks!
  • Poor W got his foot stuck in the crib slats last night - I had to go in and rescure him around midnight.  Must not have upset him too much though, because he pretty much went right back to sleep.

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Another update about William

  • William is still a big, big boy.  The ladies at his daycare seem especially impressed with his size as they are always talkinga bout how much he eats and today asked me, "was he a big baby when he was born?"
  • He finally got his "bad report card" from the new daycare.  They asked, rather timidly, if "William was very demanding at home."  Ha - demanding?  That's putting it lightly!  They did say that they have learned not to put him in his highchair until his food is READY.  :)
  • He seems oh-so-close to walking.  I think he'll certainly be walking by his birthday.
  • We think he's saying his first word - "book".  And boy oh boy, does he love books.  LOVES books.  They are hands down his favorite kind of toy lately.
  • I taught him to hold his play phone up to his ear ("Hello, is baby home?  Can I speak to baby?").  Well, apparently he didn't get the connection with it being a phone you hold up to your ear and instead holds ALL TOYS up to his ear and makes a sound that sounds like "hello?")  It's super adorable.
  • He cut another tooth on the bottom...I feel like the 8th tooth (the corresponding one on the other side) must be right behind this one.  He wakes up at night when he is teething and is difficult to soothe.  Poor thing.  Must be really painful.  Oddly, his bottom teeth have been the biggest culprits...the top ones don't seem to bother him as much.

I'm glad I documented our "typical day" a few months ago.  Things have certainly changed.  Now a typical day looks like this:
6-6:30am - I wake up and get ready
7am - William wakes up and we head downstairs for his morning bottle
7:45 - 8am - I get him dressed and head out the door to daycare
8 - 8:30am - I stroll him to daycare (which is awesome).  Beaux comes with us.
8:30 - 9am - walk home from daycare with an empty stroller.  I look a little ridiculous, but only one person so far has said, "you lost your baby".  I do think a lot of people think it is weird though.
9-9:30am - get ready for work (change out of walking clothes, have some coffee, etc.)
9:30am - settle in to work for the day - sometimes from home and sometimes from The Workbox (
9:30 - 5:30 - work, work, work, with a few errands here and there
5:30 - head out (this time in the car) to pick the boy up from daycare.  usually when I get there he is all smiley and happy and adorable.  He now knows that I keep a pacifier in the cupholder of his carseat, so as soon as his butt hits the seat he grabs it and pops it in his mouth...even before I get his seatbelt buckled.
5:45pm - we're home and play until dinnertime.
6:15pm - William eats dinner.  so super fun to watch - he love love loves to eat.  His favorites are canned pears, fresh blueberries, tofu, and black beans...but he'll eat just about anything. 
6:30pm - He heads up to bathtime - usually Michael does the bath. It's a father son thing.
6:45pm - bedtime bottle - sometimes he takes it, somtimes he doesn't...sometimes he takes half.  The boy is unpredictable.
7:00pm - W goes to bed.  He is such a good sleeper right now - you just take him up, turn on his sound machine, hand him his paci and blankie and off he goes.  He makes these little "mmmm, mmmm, mmmm" noises as he gets cozy and settles in.
7:00pm - 8:30pm - we prepare and eat dinner.
8:30 - 10:00pm - watch tv, etc.  Prepare W's bottles for daycare for the next day.
10:00 - 11:00pm - somewhere in the neighborhood of when we go to bed.
...and then we start all over again the next day.

Friday, August 19, 2011

Turnip Update

I guess it is time for an update, huh?

William is now ~9.5 months old.  Here are some new tidbits:
  • He has 6 teeth (4 on top and 2 on bottom)
  • He is crawling (started ~8 months old), and pulling up to standing.
  • He has learned to clap - which is adorable.
  • He started a new daycare (I miss the old one a lot, but this one is okay and is walkable, so it has been nice to get out for some exercise and fresh air with the boy every day.)
  • He eats EVERYTHING in sight.  He started with Cheerios, but soon learned that table food was MUCH more delicious than pureed baby food.  And he promptly rejected pureed food.  (I can still squeeze a little into him so that I can depete my stash...but he prefers food that he can pick up and feed himself.

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Retiring the Pump

As of today, I'm no longer nursing.

I am definitely sad to stop nursing the boy...because it is one of the few times he is still and calm and cuddly.

However, I am definitely NOT sad to be retiring the pump.  I. Hate. That. Thing.

In the end, though, I'm glad to have made it to 7 months, I think that William and I have both benefited from breast feeding.

On to the next phase, I guess!

(Also, happy 7 month birthday to William!)

Monday, May 23, 2011

A Typical Day

So I figured that my "typical day" is going to change through the years (even through the months) as time goes by, so I'll capture a typical day right now.  Just to have a record of it.

Because Michael's schedule changes so much (sometimes he works days, sometimes he works nights, etc.) he's tough to include in this typical day, but I've done so where I can.

  • 7:00am - William wakes up, begins making baby noises.  Michael and I are usually awake now too, but still laying in bed.  (I am sadly coming to the realization that I need to start getting up earlier, before the baby, just to get some more stuff done.)
  • 7:15am - William gets much more serious about his noises...turns into a whiny cry.  I get out of bed, wash my face and put in my contacts.
  • 7:20am - I go in to get the boy.  He is usually turned around in some weird direction in his crib.  His diaper is SOAKED after a long night and usually gets changed before we head downstairs for him to eat.  He does NOT enjoy this diaper change.  His priority is food...not his wet bottom. 
  • 7:30 - Downstairs sitting in my rocking chair nursing William for his "breakfast".  Usually watching a little DVR-ed Ellen or Oprah or Real Housewives of Orange County (or something equally as appalling).  During this time, Michael has probably come down to eat breakfast, make coffee and read the paper.
  • 7:50 - I run up to get dressed while W plays in his exersaucer.  Because he hates being left alone, I have maybe 10 minutes before he starts crying again.
  • 8:00am - I get William dressed and ready to go to daycare.
  • 8:15am - off to daycare.  The drive takes about 15 minutes.  When we get there, I sign him in and we say hello to his teachers (Aunt Rhonda and Aunt Johnita).  Then I drive back home, get some coffee, and head up to my office.
  • 8:30am - Michael is in charge of taking care of Beaux in the morning and walks/feeds him and then heads out to work around 8:30 or so.   He typically bikes to work if the weather is okay.
  • 9:15am - Work. Work. Work.  And a little blog or facebook checking along the way.
  • 12:00pm - Pumping.  Oh, lord I CANNOT WAIT until I don't have to pump any more.  Pumping is not my favorite.  I also eat lunch around this time.
  • 1:15pm - Back to work.  Work. Work. Work.
  • 3:00pm - Another pumping break.
  • 5:15pm - Head off to pick up the boy from daycare.  He is so happy and smiley when he gets picked up from daycare.  We also pick up his daycare report card at that time so that we know what kind of day he had and what/when he ate.  Nowadays he is getting 3 6oz bottles at daycare and two rounds of solid food.
  • 5:45pm - Get home from daycare.  William and I walk Beaux around the block and get a little fresh air.  If the boy's nails need cutting, we sit on the front porch so he can watch cars while I cut his tiny fingernails.  Distraction is KEY in the cutting of the nails.  If they don't, we may take this time to play a little or to read a book.  Michael usually gets home around 6:00 or 6:15 (but again that depends on the shift he is working).
  • 6:30pm - dinnertime for W.  He usually eats 2 things (say, maybe sweet potatoes and apples with a little oatmeal mixed in).  He also drinks a little water out of his sippy cup.
  • 6:45pm - Michael gives William his bath if he is around.  Bathtime is daddy's specialty.  He gets washed up and plays a bit and then gets "tubby tummy time" where he kicks and "swims" on his belly in the tub.  He LOVES this part and now can hardly sit still until he's out of his bath seat and able to move around a bit more.  I have a feeling the bath seat is soon to be history.
  • 7:10pm - Last nursing feeding for W.  He almost always falls asleep during this session.  I lay him down and he wakes up a tiny bit, rolls onto his side, grabs his little fuzzy blankie (and sometimes takes his pacifier) and off to sleep he goes.  He's gotten a LOT easier to get to sleep...thank goodness.
  • 7:30pm - I start cooking dinner.  Gotta make something quick so we don't end up eating at midnight.  If I'm lucky, I've started something (even just cutting/prep work) earlier in the day.
  • 8:15pm - Dinnertime.  We usually catch up on some TV while we eat (a bad habit, I know, but it is a typical day).  After dinner we may catch up on emails, or sit on the porch and have a drink with the neighbors.
  • 10:00pm - Another pumping session right before bed.
  • 10:30pm - We get ready for bed.  After washing faces, brushing and flossing teeth, we head in to take a peek at William.  He's usually asleep on his left side and oh, so cute.
  • 11:00pm - Bedtime
Can anyone spot what is missing from this routine? 
Yup, you got it.  Exercise.  And yup, another thing is missing.  Cleaning and organizing the house.

Gotta find a way to get those two things done. 

I know you can pay someone to clean your house.  Can you pay someone to exercise FOR YOU?  ;)

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Boat Ride!

We spent a few days at the river house this week...with me working and Michael and the boy having fun playing together. 

Don't feel too bad for me, though, I was able to join them on the boat for an hour one day for William's first boat ride.  He was a little cranky on the initial part of the ride, mostly because it was almost bottle o'clock.  He also wasn't quite sure what to think of his new life jacket (safety first, William!  safety first.).  But he managed to down his bottle and then the rocking of the boat put him right to sleep.

William is also sitting up on his own pretty least for a minute or so before he topples over.

And, we STILL have not found a food that the boy won't eat.  He loves everything.

He's also recently into electronics....phones, remote controls, cameras, etc.  Basically anything that he could grab, drool on, and then subsequently ruin.  Boy, oh boy, is it time to baby proof things.

Monday, May 9, 2011

6 Months Old and Mother's Day

William turned 6 months old last week and today we had his 6-month check-up.

Weight - 17lbs 9oz (50th percentile)
Height - 27" (75th percentile)
Head - 17 1/4" (50th percentile)

Fun Facts:
  • Still pretty lazy.  He HAS rolled over from his stomach to his back, but he doesn't do it very often. 
  • He has not yet rolled from back to stomach.
  • We successfully unswaddled him and now he both naps and sleeps without being wrapped up.  Now, with more mobility in his arms and legs when he sleeps, he wakes up in different positions than we last left him in...with his head where his feet were and his feet where his head was.  He oftentimes can be found sleeping on his side.
  • He's doing a little sitting now, but topples over after about 30 seconds or so.
  • William continues to be a good eater - and has not refused ANY food that we've offered him (his list is now: sweet potatoes, bananas, avocados, green beans, peas, butternut squash, apples, carrots, rice cereal and oatmeal).
  • He can now hold his own bottle.  (He also can recognize his bottle from across the room and if he is hungry, there is NO getting around giving it to him.)  The boy definitely takes after his parents in his strong desire to eat.  Yum.
  • He's already growing out of his 6 month clothes, and even one pair of size 6-9 month pants had to be put away because they were too small.
  • Most socks will still not stay on his chubby little feet.  Michael thinks it is because he has cankles.
  • He's still laughing, but still a tough crowd.  Michael by far gets the most laughs out of him.  He still doesn't seem to think I'm very funny.
  • He's still not a good napper - especially at daycare, where he only sleeps in 5-10 minute increments...but his nighttime sleep has improved and now he does a pretty good job sleeping from 7pm-ish until 6am-ish.
We had a nice Mother's Day weekend.  The picture at the top shows William and I at the Strawberry Street Festival here in Richmond (Thanks to Aunt Bridget for the great hat...and thanks to Laura for letting us borrow some of Ben's cute clothes - that adorable yellow striped polo is his).  On Sunday, we visited with the neighbors and I took a couple hours off to do the Museum District Mothers Day House Tour.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011


They're not here yet, but they are coming.

William wouldn't even touch his "dinner" last night - I'm guessing because the food/spoon/etc. hurt his gums.  Poor kiddo.

Hopefully this will be a relatively short process.  But, even if it is short, I know that it is a process that will just keep repeating itself as more and more teeth come in over the next few months.

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Oral Fixation

Well, it's official.  William will officially put anything in his mouth (good luck to us in the coming months with babyproofing!)

He has now successfully eaten:
  • rice cereal
  • green beans
  • sweet potatoes
  • avocado
  • banana
He also used a sippy cup with a little water in it today with pretty good results.

Next up:  peas and then butternut squash

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Philosophy for today...

I am super busy today.

My philosophy or theme for the day is going to be, "It doesn't have to be perfect, it just has to be."

Sadly, this is especially going to be the theme of the report I'm writing today.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Travel Begins Again

A couple weeks ago I had my first business was just a day trip to Indy - not even spending the night.  But with William around, even a day trip becomes infinitely more complicated.

I have another one tomorrow; this time to Chicago.  Again, luckily, just a day trip.

However, I do have an overnight trip (agin to Indy) coming in May...and then my first week-long trip coming in June.

It begins...

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Reading Between the Lines

William gets daily "report cards" sent home from daycare. Usually, along with when he ate, napped and did tummy time, they are filled with notes about what he did that day. What books they read. What he was especially interested in, etc. etc. Sometimes, these notes say things that hint about him not being the best baby there ever was that day. They don't outright say he was a bad baby that day, but if you read between the lines, you can see it. A couple examples:

  • "He really liked his one on one time today." really means William wouldn't sit by himself for even one second.

  • "William is getting used to tummy time." really means William screams and cries when we set him on his tummy to strengthen his neck and arms. He is falling behind his peers.

  • "He is fine as long as he can see me." really means William requires attention almost constantly.
However, Monday's note home was bad enough that I didn't actually have to "read between the lines." He did NOT have a good Monday. [No worries, though, Tuesday was better.]

If you can't read the above note, it says, "William had a 'hold me' Monday. He wasn't having fun with tummy-time at all. He enjoyed storytime as we read 'Animal Sounds' and 'Baby Mickey's Toys'. A bit fussy today. Yet he was content with tasting the book. Much love and care given by teachers. :) "

And, yes, William was "tasting" the book when I got there. Slobbering all over the pages. He was sitting in a bouncy chair where he teacher said he had been for only 5 minutes that day, otherwise insisting on being held. Ladies and gentleman, I have created a "hold me," attention-needy monster.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011


I suck at blogging, huh? 4 posts in all of March? I vow to make April better. And certainly if not better least more of them.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

First Fever. :(

Poor William has been sick...he fought a high fever all weekend - ranging from just barely a fever all the way up to 103.4. Yikes.

Luckily, today the little man is feeling better and is off at day care so mommy can get some work done.

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Starting Solid Food

We tried cereal for the first time on St. Patrick's about 4.5 months old. At first, he was confused by the contents that occupied his mouth after the spoon left...but by the end of the bowl he had figured out that he was supposed to open his mouth when the spoon came near.

He ended up finishing the whole bowl (1 tbsp cereal mixed with 3 tbsp formula), but I use the term "finishing" loosely, because I'm sure at least a third of it ended up on his bib.

Friday, March 4, 2011

4 months!

The boy is four months old!
He is drooling up a storm, which requires him to wear bibs almost every day...which totally ruins the style of his cute outfits!
We had his four month check-up yesterday.
  • He weighs 14 pounds and 13 ounces - just about the 50th percentile.
  • He is 25" long - just about the 50th percentile.
  • His poor head though is still on the smaller side - 25th percentile. It doesn't LOOK small and I think that is because of his cheeks. Obviously, they aren't taken into account in the "head measurement". :)
In other developmental notes, he started laughing this past weekend. First he laughed at Beaux. Then last night he was laughing with Michael while daddy gave him his bath.
He has not laughed for/with me yet. Apparently I am not funny.
Right now:
  • William loves his exersaucer.
  • A burp cloth is one of his favorite "toys." He likes to hold it and "chew" on it.
  • One of his favorite things is to have his socks taken off so he can rub his feet together
  • He is getting used to daycare - which he seems to like, but also seems to find exhausting. He pretty much goes right to bed when he gets home. From what I've heard, he will get a bit more used to this and will get less cranky at night over the next couple weeks.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Thoughts on Daycare: Day 1

Today is William's first day of daycare and I'm going to drop him off in about 90 minutes.

One of the things that I was asked to do was to provide a journal for him that they will record things in as the days progress (I'm assuming things like when he learns something new, when he has a particularly rough or a particularly good day, etc.)

They also asked that I make the first entry about my thoughts on his first day. I wrote it in the journal last night but I thought I'd record it here, too.

Dear William,

Tomorrow I drop you off at daycare for the first time.

In some ways, I am to interact with a few more grownups...ready to rejoin the working world. But in some ways - different ways - I am so not ready. I will miss you waking up and smiling at me and miss our days of 24/7 togetherness.

But at almost (1 day away!) four months old, I know that you are ready. Your increasing intervals of wakefulness and natural curiousity tell me that you are ready for your day to be filled with new people, new places, and new activities.

So, while I am certain that I will miss you lots during the day, I am so excited for you...and ready to see your big smiling cheeks when I pick you up.


Sunday, February 13, 2011


Okay, so he paid me back for the nice night and morning with a "Mom it's not bedtime, not-at-all tired grin at 1am last night. And a LOT of grumpiness this morning.

Woe is me.

(Thankfully, Michael got home from his shift just as W was grumping up a storm at 1am and took over baby duty so I could go to sleep.)

As a sidenote, William's cries are becoming more "grown up". He does a lot of grumping and complaining now instead of newborn-style wailing.

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Best Night/Morning EVER!


Last night, he slept for one 7.5 hour stretch last night, woke up for a quick feeding, and then slept another 4 hours!!!! He didn't get up until 10:30am which allowed Michael and I to sleep in, have coffee, read the paper, and have some homemade pumpkin-pecan waffles (which were delicious, thank you Michael!).

And, he also has just taken a 1.5 hour nap so far today! Yay!

I know I am WAY overdue to post some new William pictures, so I hope to have a little photo shoot with him this weekend.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Did Do, Round 2

Today was a good day. I...

  • Woke up to the William fussing at 6:30...but this was a-okay by me because he had slept a full 8 hours! Hooray!
  • Managed to sort through my hospital bills (finally!)
  • Did 2 loads of laundry
  • Had some friends over for lunch
  • Cleaned up my office a bit in preparation for the end of maternity leave. boo. :(
And of course, the usuals:
  • Nursed William
  • Changed diapers

One key item still severly lacking in my routine: exercise.

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Baby Free Time

I had a bit more baby free time last night when Michael watched William so I could go to book club baby free! It was nice to catch up with everyone and it made me feel a bit more like a real person again...instead of just a mom. It was pretty refreshing.

Thanks, Michael!

Who has the best husband in the world? Denise does.

Sunday, January 30, 2011

William LOVES to travel.

We went on our first trip via plane with William.

We were terrified of how it would go.

We were relieved at how well it went.

This child could not have been a better behaved boy if we had paid him. He was an angel on the plane (slept some, but in general was just awake and happy), slept the ENTIRE time on the drives to and from the Orlando airport to our destination (2 hours each way), and was in general, just a fantastic little baby.

He also behaved incredibly well in Florida - napping like a champ, cooing, smiling, and charming everyone in sight.

Hip, hip, hooray!

(Now, let's see if this was a travel miracle, a 3-month old turning point, or a freak accident!)

Friday, January 21, 2011

Love this...

"The riddle: If you need to keep the wine glass at a safe distance from the children, and you must be near the children at all times, how can you, in fact, enjoy a glass of wine?
The answer: Take your wine to the bathroom and chug."

From Ad Hoc Mom

PS - Yes, I've sunk to the depths of reading mommy blogs.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

"Did Do"

So lately I've been feeling like my "to do" list is doing nothing but growing and growing and GROWING. So I saw on someone else's website that to make themselves feel better they started a "did do" list...instead of a "to do" list.

Here is my "did do" list for today:
  • Nursed William for ~4 hours
  • Changed a bunch of diapers
  • Went to visit Claudia and Ethan (Hi, Claudia!)
  • Cleaned the microwave and toaster oven
  • Swept the upstairs floors
  • Vacuumed the stairs
  • Made dinner
  • Showered!
  • Updated this blog :)

Okay, so I probably did a few other things that I've forgotten about, too...but this is a start. It seems to be a better perspective on my day than ending the day not having accomplished anything off of my "to do" list.

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Hooray! A shower! Complete with blow dried hair!

Today was a pretty good day, nap-wise. This is a big relief after yesterday's "I don't want to do the mother thing today" attitude that I had. (Don't worry, I did it anyway.)

William and I have been working hard on the nap thing. He is working hard NOT to nap. I am working hard trying to get him to nap against all odds.

Today he had two good naps and one so-so nap. I'll take it. I even got to shower and blow dry my hair during most recent nap - which is still going on.

Here is a shot of him smiling. (More naps = more smiles. Hooray!) He does have a bigger, open-mouth, squinty-eye smile, but I haven't been able to capture that one yet.

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

The cheeks lie. W is not a big boy.

His two month check-up yesterday proves it. I do not have a big baby. Even though he has the biggest cheeks on the planet, he is only:
~11 lbs (40th percentile weight)
~22" (25th percentile length)
~?? (20th percentile head circumference...although I forgot the actual measurements)

He also got 5 shots yesterday - 3 in one leg and 2 in the other...along with an oral vaccine. Yowza! The good part of it is he's been sleeping like a charm yesterday, last night and so far today.

Here we are after a lunch outing today with Stacey (thanks for lunch, friend!). He slept through the whole thing in his moby wrap.

And here is a quick picture to commemorate his 2 month "birthday". It is super blurry, but I had trouble getting a good shot. Looks like I need an SLR camera after all! (Okay, "need" is probably not the word I should use...maybe "want" is more appropriate!)

Sunday, January 2, 2011

2 Months In

William is 2 month old today. We did it. Well, so far, we've managed okay. I wouldn't say I'm achieving "flying colors" in motherhood...but we're all surviving, which is certainly something.

He is smiling a TON, rolling over from his stomach to his back on occassion and trying desperately not to nap. Or at least not to nap for more than 30 minutes (almost to the MINUTE) at a time. I'm not sure if that is because he only wants/needs to sleep for 30 minutes at a time...or if he just can't get through to the next "phase" of sleep and wakes up...and then is awake enough to remember, "hey! I'm hungry!". :)

Either way, we'll figure things out eventually.

He's showing a bit more interest in toys, but still doesn't like being set down on his playmat...or his swing...or his bouncy chair. He much prefers being in someone's arms or lap. This is a feature that I'm finding incredibly frustrating now, but that I'm sure I'll miss when he is out of the "cuddle-able" phase and into little boyhood.

He has is 2 month check-up on Tuesday and he has to get a bunch of shots (I think 4 or so). Ouch. But it will also be good to check in on his weight, length, etc. and to make sure everything is on track. By the looks of his cheeks, though, I can already tell he is gaining weight.