Monday, May 23, 2011

A Typical Day

So I figured that my "typical day" is going to change through the years (even through the months) as time goes by, so I'll capture a typical day right now.  Just to have a record of it.

Because Michael's schedule changes so much (sometimes he works days, sometimes he works nights, etc.) he's tough to include in this typical day, but I've done so where I can.

  • 7:00am - William wakes up, begins making baby noises.  Michael and I are usually awake now too, but still laying in bed.  (I am sadly coming to the realization that I need to start getting up earlier, before the baby, just to get some more stuff done.)
  • 7:15am - William gets much more serious about his noises...turns into a whiny cry.  I get out of bed, wash my face and put in my contacts.
  • 7:20am - I go in to get the boy.  He is usually turned around in some weird direction in his crib.  His diaper is SOAKED after a long night and usually gets changed before we head downstairs for him to eat.  He does NOT enjoy this diaper change.  His priority is food...not his wet bottom. 
  • 7:30 - Downstairs sitting in my rocking chair nursing William for his "breakfast".  Usually watching a little DVR-ed Ellen or Oprah or Real Housewives of Orange County (or something equally as appalling).  During this time, Michael has probably come down to eat breakfast, make coffee and read the paper.
  • 7:50 - I run up to get dressed while W plays in his exersaucer.  Because he hates being left alone, I have maybe 10 minutes before he starts crying again.
  • 8:00am - I get William dressed and ready to go to daycare.
  • 8:15am - off to daycare.  The drive takes about 15 minutes.  When we get there, I sign him in and we say hello to his teachers (Aunt Rhonda and Aunt Johnita).  Then I drive back home, get some coffee, and head up to my office.
  • 8:30am - Michael is in charge of taking care of Beaux in the morning and walks/feeds him and then heads out to work around 8:30 or so.   He typically bikes to work if the weather is okay.
  • 9:15am - Work. Work. Work.  And a little blog or facebook checking along the way.
  • 12:00pm - Pumping.  Oh, lord I CANNOT WAIT until I don't have to pump any more.  Pumping is not my favorite.  I also eat lunch around this time.
  • 1:15pm - Back to work.  Work. Work. Work.
  • 3:00pm - Another pumping break.
  • 5:15pm - Head off to pick up the boy from daycare.  He is so happy and smiley when he gets picked up from daycare.  We also pick up his daycare report card at that time so that we know what kind of day he had and what/when he ate.  Nowadays he is getting 3 6oz bottles at daycare and two rounds of solid food.
  • 5:45pm - Get home from daycare.  William and I walk Beaux around the block and get a little fresh air.  If the boy's nails need cutting, we sit on the front porch so he can watch cars while I cut his tiny fingernails.  Distraction is KEY in the cutting of the nails.  If they don't, we may take this time to play a little or to read a book.  Michael usually gets home around 6:00 or 6:15 (but again that depends on the shift he is working).
  • 6:30pm - dinnertime for W.  He usually eats 2 things (say, maybe sweet potatoes and apples with a little oatmeal mixed in).  He also drinks a little water out of his sippy cup.
  • 6:45pm - Michael gives William his bath if he is around.  Bathtime is daddy's specialty.  He gets washed up and plays a bit and then gets "tubby tummy time" where he kicks and "swims" on his belly in the tub.  He LOVES this part and now can hardly sit still until he's out of his bath seat and able to move around a bit more.  I have a feeling the bath seat is soon to be history.
  • 7:10pm - Last nursing feeding for W.  He almost always falls asleep during this session.  I lay him down and he wakes up a tiny bit, rolls onto his side, grabs his little fuzzy blankie (and sometimes takes his pacifier) and off to sleep he goes.  He's gotten a LOT easier to get to sleep...thank goodness.
  • 7:30pm - I start cooking dinner.  Gotta make something quick so we don't end up eating at midnight.  If I'm lucky, I've started something (even just cutting/prep work) earlier in the day.
  • 8:15pm - Dinnertime.  We usually catch up on some TV while we eat (a bad habit, I know, but it is a typical day).  After dinner we may catch up on emails, or sit on the porch and have a drink with the neighbors.
  • 10:00pm - Another pumping session right before bed.
  • 10:30pm - We get ready for bed.  After washing faces, brushing and flossing teeth, we head in to take a peek at William.  He's usually asleep on his left side and oh, so cute.
  • 11:00pm - Bedtime
Can anyone spot what is missing from this routine? 
Yup, you got it.  Exercise.  And yup, another thing is missing.  Cleaning and organizing the house.

Gotta find a way to get those two things done. 

I know you can pay someone to clean your house.  Can you pay someone to exercise FOR YOU?  ;)

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