Monday, April 1, 2013

William is "cracking" jokes - about easter eggs!

After his "big girl" cousins left this morning, William was super sad.  He cried at home and then he cried again when I dropped him off at school saying "the big girls left! the big girls left!".  :(

However, it appears his day turned around.  Here is the note from his daycare "report card" for the day:

"William was excited to discover the classroom Easter eggs!  He was very happy to see squirrels, dogs and trucks on our walk and he kept asking passers-by if they were pirates.  He ended up finding one that "aaarrrggghh-ed" him.  :)  William also held up an eggshell to his ear after nap and said it was an "egg cell"!  Ha!  Such a great joke!  He said he wanted to take the joke home with him.  :) "

In other news, Bridget has confirmed that Anna Kate is a baby genius.  She is already rolling from her tummy to her back!