Thursday, May 2, 2013

Can you guess what this is a picture of?

It is a picture ear that WORKS!  :)

AK had her 3 month hearing test on Tuesday and aced it!

The audiologist said that the guidelines for hearing loss risk factor monitoring have changed and with normal hearing and an existing risk factor (which is where AK falls), they recommend a newborn hearing test (which she had and passed) and one follow up within 24 months.

We agreed though, that we will do another follow up somewhere around her first birthday.

Monday, April 1, 2013

William is "cracking" jokes - about easter eggs!

After his "big girl" cousins left this morning, William was super sad.  He cried at home and then he cried again when I dropped him off at school saying "the big girls left! the big girls left!".  :(

However, it appears his day turned around.  Here is the note from his daycare "report card" for the day:

"William was excited to discover the classroom Easter eggs!  He was very happy to see squirrels, dogs and trucks on our walk and he kept asking passers-by if they were pirates.  He ended up finding one that "aaarrrggghh-ed" him.  :)  William also held up an eggshell to his ear after nap and said it was an "egg cell"!  Ha!  Such a great joke!  He said he wanted to take the joke home with him.  :) "

In other news, Bridget has confirmed that Anna Kate is a baby genius.  She is already rolling from her tummy to her back!