Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Reading Between the Lines

William gets daily "report cards" sent home from daycare. Usually, along with when he ate, napped and did tummy time, they are filled with notes about what he did that day. What books they read. What he was especially interested in, etc. etc. Sometimes, these notes say things that hint about him not being the best baby there ever was that day. They don't outright say he was a bad baby that day, but if you read between the lines, you can see it. A couple examples:

  • "He really liked his one on one time today." really means William wouldn't sit by himself for even one second.

  • "William is getting used to tummy time." really means William screams and cries when we set him on his tummy to strengthen his neck and arms. He is falling behind his peers.

  • "He is fine as long as he can see me." really means William requires attention almost constantly.
However, Monday's note home was bad enough that I didn't actually have to "read between the lines." He did NOT have a good Monday. [No worries, though, Tuesday was better.]

If you can't read the above note, it says, "William had a 'hold me' Monday. He wasn't having fun with tummy-time at all. He enjoyed storytime as we read 'Animal Sounds' and 'Baby Mickey's Toys'. A bit fussy today. Yet he was content with tasting the book. Much love and care given by teachers. :) "

And, yes, William was "tasting" the book when I got there. Slobbering all over the pages. He was sitting in a bouncy chair where he teacher said he had been for only 5 minutes that day, otherwise insisting on being held. Ladies and gentleman, I have created a "hold me," attention-needy monster.

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  1. Sounds like Mommy is reading a bit too much between the lines! how can that cutie be anything but perfect? (note: Aunt Bridget is not biased at all)