Wednesday, January 5, 2011

The cheeks lie. W is not a big boy.

His two month check-up yesterday proves it. I do not have a big baby. Even though he has the biggest cheeks on the planet, he is only:
~11 lbs (40th percentile weight)
~22" (25th percentile length)
~?? (20th percentile head circumference...although I forgot the actual measurements)

He also got 5 shots yesterday - 3 in one leg and 2 in the other...along with an oral vaccine. Yowza! The good part of it is he's been sleeping like a charm yesterday, last night and so far today.

Here we are after a lunch outing today with Stacey (thanks for lunch, friend!). He slept through the whole thing in his moby wrap.

And here is a quick picture to commemorate his 2 month "birthday". It is super blurry, but I had trouble getting a good shot. Looks like I need an SLR camera after all! (Okay, "need" is probably not the word I should use...maybe "want" is more appropriate!)

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