Sunday, October 23, 2011

Happy, happy camper

William has been having some super happy days lately.  He is really fun to be around recently.  This weekend we've taken a stroller ride each morning - the photo above is when we went to Ellwood Thompson's grocery to pick up some pear juice for a drink I was making for a friend's baby shower.  And this morning we went to the art museum sculpture garden so he could crawl around outside. 

In other baby-related news...
  • He has rediscovered clapping after some odd weeks of completely doing none at all, he does it all the time now.
  • He has also discovered stairs and LOVES to climb stairs.  He is super fast at them now which means it is time to put the baby gates UP.
  • He has gotten his 8th tooth.  All front teeth on the top and bottom are now accounted for.

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