Thursday, January 26, 2012


The poor boy is sick.

He was sent home from daycare on Monday morning, showing "symptoms of pink eye".

He felt fine and acted fine...and his eyes weren't even that goopy.  So, we played a little here and there and had some fun.  Then his eyes looked a little better on Tuesday, so I thought for sure he'd go to daycare on Wednesday.  And then his eyes got worse.  And then, this morning, he woke up with a 102.4 fever.

He slept on my lap for an hour while I caught up on a few DVR-ed shows.  That's the only good thing about a sick boy...he is WAY super cuddly.

He definitely feels badly though.  You can see it. 

He's all loaded up with acetamenophin and ibuprofen (yes, both) and I'm hoping he feels better tomorrow.

It's a good thing that I had a light work week, so I was able to give him lots of love and attention.