Thursday, November 17, 2011

William - 1 year old

The boy is one year old.

Whew.  What a year.

Here is a snapshot of who William is at 1 year old:
  • William is 23 lbs and 6 oz.  He is 31 inches "tall".
  • He is still not walking, but does a good job standing - unsupported - for 30 seconds or so at a time.  He has taken a stumbling step or so, but that's not walking...that's just momentum driving him forward.
  • Having been a superior eater, William is now showing signs of independence and, well, will.  He is more picky (although still a good eater).
  • He still loves fruit most of all - especially blueberries.
  • He has moved past formula and is on to whole milk, which was no big deal for him.  He is still taking bottles, and I need to start getting him off those and on to exclusively using sippy cups relatively soon.
  • He's turned into a great nighttime sleeper - usually sleeping a full 12 hours.  (He naps okay - some days are great and others aren't...but if that is the tradeoff I make for a good nightime guy, I'll totally take that trade.)
  • He is very much a mama's boy right now, but he sure is happy to see daddy, too.
  • No talking yet...we thought for a while he was saying "book", but now we're not so apparently EVERYTHING is "oo. ook."  He doesn't really say "mama" or "dada" either.  He makes those sounds...just not directed at us.
  • He still loves books and being read to.  He turns pages and even "reads to himself" by talking to himself as he plays with books.
  • He has started interacting (nicely!) with Beaux.  He "throws" tennis balls to him and hands him toys as well.  Beaux remains unconvinced that this little guy is a good thing (an issue that will probably be an even bigger concern once W starts walking).
And, while we may not necessarily be happier than we were in our child-free life, we are certainly more fulfilled.  :)

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