Thursday, September 3, 2009

Fuelin' Around: San Fran

Arrived in San Fran earlier in the evening at Adam's. We decided that a scenic drive down the PCH from Humboldt would be a good idea. Not so much. I have never seen a twistier, turnier, uppy downier road than that section, which we were on for about 200 miles and 7 hours. The Skamper was definitely not made for that road. Not for the first time I reflected that the driving characteristics of the Skamper bear little resemblance to the Boxster. It would have been a great drive in the Porsche. As it was, I was very glad to get off that road. Denise more so. I was pretty sure that she was going to either throw up or die at any moment. It WAS incredibly scenic though. Anyway, after another urban parking adventure, we had a nice dinner near Adam's. Tomorrow we check out SF. No signs of Lewis today. I think he got nauseous.

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  1. Are you staying with Adam and Melissa?