Thursday, September 10, 2009

Fuelin' Around: NM/TX

Awoke this AM after possibly the worst campground yet. The bathrooms were nasty, with tons of bugs in the sink. There was a large group of foreign travelers whose in-sink dishwashing probably didn't help any. Found some other bathrooms that were cleaner, but unfortunately the power had gone out, and we were left in the dark. Denise decided that she would prop open the door to the bathroom with a rock while she was showering; for some reason she seemed surprised when someone walked in on her. We were then off to Carlsbad Caverns, which as the name suggests are caverns. Took us a while to get through everything, but they were worth it. Seven hundred-something feet underground. Very dark, eery stalagtite/mites, water pools, etc. The strangest things were the underground bathrooms and gift shop. The bathrooms were literally crammed within the confines of the cave, which was cool enough to take pictures of. Denise unsurprisingly turned down the opportunitiy to join (become a founding member of?) the "Mile Low" club. I'm sure she'll regret it later. After leaving the caverns, we drove through more miserably boring country in Texas. Arrived at a very nice campground, though it has inexplicably continued to rain. The Skamper sprung a roof leak; not too bad, but it made us sad. This will actually be our last night Skamping on the trip. We also were greeted with termite swarmers, which reminds me of another reason that I'm glad we don't live in NOLA anymore. If you havent experienced them, be glad. Tomorrow we head to Austin.

P.S. Still no signs of Lewis.

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