Saturday, September 12, 2009

Fuelin' Around: New Orleans

We had a long day in the car yesterday, driving from Austin to New Orleans. Horrible weather (more rain!) and our first traffic jam of the trip only added to the pain factor.

However, once we got here we met up with a friend (Christy, or Critty as we like to call her) for dinner at Brigtsen's. As usual, both the food and the company were excellent.

This morning we are off to buy a couple NOLA staples for the pantry (olive salad, Abita beer, and hot sauce), grab a delicious iced coffee, and dash into the Quarter for a bumper sticker to add to our growing collection.

Then another day of car time as we head to Atlanta.

P.S. - Happy 7-Year "Anniversary" Michael!


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  1. Happy, happy anniversary to you two!