Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Fuelin' Around: CA

Arrived in CA today. Oregon coast was spectacular. Cliffs going straight down to sandy beaches, and huge rocks just off the beaches. We drove down the PCH and stopped in some cool little beach towns along the way. Had some chowder, oyster, and a crab sandwich for lunch. Arrived late in Humboldt Redwood park to stay for the night. As we turned the car off, I saw something out of the corner of my eye--Lewis! I said "Hi Lewis!" D thought I was joking, then got upset when in fact Lewis was found again behind the dash. We're at an impasse, because although we respect his pioneering spirit, it's time for him to go. We try some non-lethal traps tomorrow. Tonight it was leftovers and beer by the fire. Tomorrow the plan is redwoods in the AM, a winery for lunch, then off to Adam's in San Fran. Christian, Liz and Tricia are in LA and are promising to meet up with us. We'll see.
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  1. Northern CA was my favorite area along the PCH. Enjoy!