Saturday, September 5, 2009

Fuelin' Around: Napa

Yesterday we headed out of San Fran to Napa to meet up with our friends Marc and Amy) for lunch.

We ate some tapas and had some sangria (which may be an unforgivable offense in wine country) at Zuzu and then headed off to a winery (Trefethen) for a tasting.

Then, rode up through a super curvy road to Vacaville (where they live) for a dinner of In-N-Out burgers.

Ate breakfast at Wren's this morning and we are now on the road and a bit worried about Labor Day traffic around Lake Tahoe. Guess we'll find out soon enough if the traffic will be a problem.

We got some 'no kill, live catch and release' mousetraps today which direct you to bait them with...get this...cheese.

Lewis, today is perhaps your last day to depart the car on your own terms!

As for Michael and I, no big plans for today...just a lot of driving and riding, heading toward our next stops of national parks in Utah.


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