Sunday, August 23, 2009

Fuelin' Around: Kansas City, MO

After awakening to another delightful morning in the Walmart parking lot, we cooked breakfast and went into a historic district in KC and visited the negro baseball museum. Pretty cool. We then waited 30 minutes in line for apparently the best BBQ in KC (the world?). Ribs, beef sandwich, and burnt end sandwich. Not sure which end of what they were burning, but it was delicious. When we returned to the Skamper, I noticed that the battery wasn?t charging as it should have been. Hmm. Upon futher investigation, something had shorted out the Skamper electrical system, completely melting the charging wire and damn near starting a fire. The fuse never blew though. Chinise piece of crap wiring kit that I ordered from Amazon had an undersize wire and oversize fuse. I thought about it when i installed it, but thought that surely the kit makers knew what they were doing. Anyway, after a trip to a sketchy stereo shop for a new fuse/holder, then to lowe?s for some proper sized wire, we were on the road a quick hour later. Google misled us again about the location of a campground, but we found it without too much delay. We?re now an hour out of Omaha. We met some folks in Honduras a couple of years back who own a few restaurants in Omaha, so we?re going to try to catch up with them. Otherwise, it?s off to Mitchell, SD to the corn palace. We press on.


  1. 2 trips to Lowes in less than 1 week? does not bode well for the remainer of your trip...

  2. very cool -- interesting story about the Negro League museum:

    Did you see that collection?