Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Fuelin' Around: Yellowstone National Park

Well, we're still driving! We found an auto store that does free electrical testing and the check engine light wasn't anything serious. So Michael cleaned the sensor and we were off again.

Last night was the first time we stayed at a campground (Buffalo Bill State Park) with 'vaulted toilets.' which are basically toilet seats positioned over a deep, uh, cess pool. I was not a fan, so I am hoping not to encounter those again! The park itself was pretty though...right on a reservoir.

Today we ventured into Yellowstone. We saw Old Faithful erupt, walked around to see the lesser known geysers and things, then because we wlked right past it on the way back to the skamper, saw O.F. Erupt for a second time.

We also saw waterfalls, gurgling mud ponds, elk, a marmot, and a crap ton of bison (some of them from a VERY close range).

I heard from a couple sources that Glacier National Park is even prettier...that is up next...after potential brief detours through Bozeman (to maybe catch up with a friend from elementary school) and Missoula, MT (for Moose Drool beer).



  1. We wanted to go to yellowstone for vacation this year, but we could afford the gas for the trip. We only made it to Denver to see my brother. Maybe next year.

  2. I hope you got pictures of that crap ton of bison. I love your posts and am glad it's going so well!! My fingers are crossed on that no breaking-down thing....