Friday, August 28, 2009

Fuelin' Around: Livingston, MT to Glacier National Park

Drove to Bozeman yesterday morning to meet for breakfast with an old friend at Cat Eye Café. It was nice to catch up...and I had some very tasty banana bread french toast.

We were going to head to Missoula for the Big Sky brewery, but decided it was a bit too far out of the way.

So instead we took some back roads up to Glacier and passed a 'vegetables for sale' sign inm the middle of nowhere, and I mean NOWHERE. After reading 'Animal,
Vegetable, Miracle', Michael insisted we stop in. Whoa. Little did we know we'd stumbled into a Hutterite colony (an Amish sect) called the Milford Colony. Very strange place, but we did get a lot of veggies and fruits for a grand total of $8.

We got into Glacier last night around 6:30, saw an actual glacier (that they expect to disappear by 2030) and some incredible vistas. As a sidenote, I had no idea that I had any level of fear of heights until riding along the Going-to-the-Sun road in the eastern side of the park. We drove midway through the park and camped for the night.

This morning we made a skamper breakfast and then took our coffee and went on the Trail of the Cedars...which was a red cedar forest straight out of a fairy tale or movie.

Hopped back in the car, stopped at a roadside stand to buy some huckleberries to snack on (which taste like a combination of cranberries and blueberries), and now we are on the way to Hope, Idaho to stay with some friends for the night.



  1. The Going-to-the-Sun Road was the first real terror I felt about heights--just ask Marilyn and Michael.

  2. I hope that you got a picture of the Red Cedar Forest - I'd like to see that.