Sunday, May 23, 2010

Day 4, buenos aires

Awoke today, had breakfast, and decided to check out the ritzy area of town, Recoleta. There was a pretty big flea market there, selling mostly crap. This apparently was where all the Americans were hiding; until then we hadn’t seen more than a couple. I bought some kick ass wooden spoons from some Argentinian hippy; he seemed proud of them and made sureto tell me what kind of wood they were made from, which I promptly forgot. Next went to the cemetary for the rich portenos, including Evita. It was a New Orleans type place with huge above ground tombs. The strange thing was that you could see all of the caskets through the dooes of the tombs. Creepy. Next had some beer and split a sandwich (lomito/egg), walked back to the hotel and took a little siesta. Went back out and tried to enjoy the festivities at the bicentennial celebration--the plan was to get dinner at one of the food stands there. Bad idea. Way too many people. We instead walked in the other direction and found a nice cafe. I got Milanesa ternera comleta or something, which was basically weiner schnitzel with two eggs on top. Delicious. D had milanesa pollo nepolitano, which was argentinian chicken parm. A couple of coffees, and it was bedtime.

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