Sunday, May 23, 2010

Day 2, buenos aires

I headed to the conference today, leaving d to fend for herself. Pretty full day of ultrasound instruction. D went shopping with Julie in Palermo, the shoppy part of the city. I met d back at the hotel, and we decided to meet Julie and some of her friends back in Palermo for dinner. Before that we headed down to Plaza del Mayo, where there were several socialista rallies going on. Plenty of Che Guevara posters hanging. We walked down Calle Florida, which is a pedestrian street filled with vendors, very crowded. We then took the subte/subway, and met at one of her friend?s Palermo. After waiting for the last person to show (and enjoying a bottle of wine on the back patio), we walked to an Italian restaraunt. And that?s when the food and wine started coming. And coming. The whole table split a TON of food. We had two pasta dishes, some roasted vegatibles, two different chicken dishes, lamb, and i don?t remember what else. And bottle after bottle of wine. Finished it off with a crepe desert filled with dulce de leche, which was ridiculous, and cafes. Some of the group went home, and Phil, Julie, me and d enede up at some cool bar and drank more wine. We eventually eneded up back at the hotel and crashed sometime after 2. This is very late for us nowadays.

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