Sunday, May 23, 2010

Day 3, buenos aires

Late start to day three. We got up after breakfast ended, so had to find some on our own. I got a tarta, which seemed to be Argentinian quiche, and d got a sandwich. I went to the final part of my conference, and then we headed to San Telmo, which is I guess the grittier but up and coming area of town. We were trying to decide if we should stay there or in Palermo for our last two days. I really like the are along the main street. There was a big square there with a few outdoor cafes. We stopped for beer/coffee before finding a great pizza place. The hotel as a few blocks off the main street, and the area was quite a bit sketchier, as well as being very noisy. We decided that Palermo would be a better choice. Not much else today, headed back to the hotel after trying to take in the bicentennial celebration. Holy crap, were there a lot of people there. The huge main street was closed, and it was just packed with thousands of people waiting in different lines. Seemed like there were a bunch of exhibits. Neither of us were up to ittonight, and we decided we?d give it another shot tomorrow.

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