Friday, February 3, 2012

Whew. On the road to recovery. Finally.

Well, his fever finally disappeared yesterday and hasn't returned since (thank goodness!)

Today, we had his 15 month "well" check-up.  (I use the term "well" loosely, as he is still not 100% - still has a super runny nose and a cough, but "well enough for daycare, where he finally returned today after a 9 day absence.)

Anyway, this was a LONG stint of a cold/virus and I'm so glad it is on the way out.  I lost my patience with it about three days ago.

His check-up went well today:
  • He is now 23 lbs 8 oz (in between the 25th and 50th percentiles)
  • 31.5" (in between the 50th and 75th percentiles)
  • head circumference is 18.5" (50th percentile)

He's still not really talking much, and the ped isn't worried yet, but wants us to keep naming things as he points (which he does ALL the time.)

Other news and tricks:
  • He has learned to walk a few steps backward and he thinks it is funny (although it isn't quite "moonwalking", it's close)
  • He is getting more and more picky about food and clearly knows that shaking his head means "no".  He uses this frequently when we try to give him food.  (What in the world happened to my good eater???)
  • He knows the sign for "all done", but only uses it when I try to give him medicine and he doesn't want it...he hasn't really used it to signal "all done" with his meal.  :)
  • He is stacking some blocks now...but still mostly destroying the stacks that you make instead.
  • He still loves books - especially the truck book that Grandpa Mickey got him for Christmas. Thanks, Dad!
  • A few weeks ago he gave me my first slobbery toddler kiss.  It was pretty cute. I look forward to more - less slobbery ones - in the future.

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