Thursday, October 7, 2010

1 Month 'Till D-Day!

Well, I am now officially one month away from my due date (November 7th). Wow! Time certainly does fly.

Here is a recent picture, taken this past Sunday on our front porch. We've been having some fantastic weather lately!

At my visit last week the doctor mentioned that she thinks the baby may be breech, which would mean having a c-section, but she was uncertain about its position and said that there is still time for it to turn. I guess I'll have a better idea at my visit this coming Monday. But, in my opinion, however this baby needs to come out is fine with me (as neither exit strategy is really "appealing".)

In other fun news, I am now officially uncomfortable...can't bend over to tie my shoes, takes a "three-point turn" to get out of bed, etc. I can't believe I am only going to get bigger in the next 3 to 5 weeks before this baby is born!

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