Monday, June 21, 2010

It's a...


No, we still aren't finding out the gender. But we did get some pictures of the kid (or "the turnip," as Michael has taken to calling it.)

Here is the "outside view" at 20 weeks:

And now for the "inside" views at 20 weeks. All organs/body parts are accounted for and all measurements are on schedule.

First, the gorgeous profile...

Then, the face. You can't really see much here, but the ultrasound tech gave an unaided comment about the size of his/her lips. Looks like the turnip takes after mama!

And now for a shot of the hand (next to his/her face) and one of the leg. There are two of each of these...the hands and legs, I mean.

Looks like we'll be having another ultrasound next week to take a closer look at the heart (the baby was not in a greast position to get good shots of it, although everything we saw looked fine). If we get any better or different pictures, I'll be sure to post those.

Tomorrow, I head off for my company's annual offsite meeting. I guess I'll take turnip with me this year.

[Lastly, people are still having trouble commenting. The best way to ensure your comment shows up - unless you have a Google account, is to sign it "anonymous" and then just type your name at the bottom of your comment.]


  1. It's really a baby! I could see my grandchild's face, hands and fingers! It's starting to seem real to me. By the way, you finally are starting to look pregnant. Have a great time this week, I mean you and the "turnip". I'll talk to you soon.

    Love, Mom/ Linda

  2. Looking great Denise (both of you)! I do see the resemblance to his/her momma :-) Congrats to both of you! Tell Mike I said "hi!"